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Rosin Pressing and Hash Making Agreement



Client: ________________________________________________________________________


Date_______________________________ Time: _____________________________________


Location: ______________________________________________________________________


  • This agreement is for TRUE FACT Cannabis Training (TFC) to provide equipment and consulting to the client to process their own legal cannabis.
  • TFC does not provide cannabis.
  • TFC does not make any guarantee to quality or yield. Extracting cannabis concentrates is a science and an art. As such, it benefits from both practice and an ability to learn from one’s mistakes.
  • TFC only works with those legally allowed to possess cannabis. TFC does not hold a processing licence, therefore;
  • TFC cannot process your cannabis for you. This means you must handle your cannabis at all times.
  • Legal cannabis is cannabis as defined in the Cannabis Act and may include legally purchased cannabis, four plants worth of cannabis, cannabis grown for medical purposes (ACMPR), or any combination.
  • TFC will take reasonable measures to prevent mess or damage to the area where the equipment is being used. It is up to the client to supervise this.
  • All clients must hold a valid membership with TFC Cannabis Training





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